Dr. ATW Simeons’ Obesity Cure – The HCG Diet?

It can feel like finding a resolution to the problem of obesity is out of reach. Read this article to get more.

It can feel like finding an answer to the problem of obesity is never going to happen. Unless you know what obesity truly is,Guest Posting lengthy and repeated dieting won’t help long term. Unless you know the real reason behind your weight problem, dieting can’t help fix you long term.

Due to all the misinformation from Hollywood, most people don’t realize what causes obesity. Scientists have spent untold amounts of labor looking for the cause of obesity but have encountered little. Because of this, society turned to the old myth of obesity that has stacked injustice upon the obese since forever.

Myth #1: The only way to get fat is if you choose to eat too much.

The cause of obesity could not be so easy, insisted doctor ATW Simeons, who owned a clinic in Rome in the 1950s. Simeons believed that obesity was not caused by overeating, but that overeating was caused by obesity.

So Dr. Simeons few up the following “maxims,” or truths, to help develop a basic framework for studying obesity. By following these maxims, Simeons made the discoveries that led to the HCG diet and eventually HCG drops.

Maxim #1: Obesity is a disorder, not just a result of overeating.

The definition of a medical disorder is a breakdown in some part of your body. So obesity starts when a specific part of the body malfunctions.

Maxim #2: The only way to accumulate abnormal fat is if you have the obesity disorder.

This maxim means that you can gain only a certain amount amount of weight if you don’t have the obesity disorder. Unnoticeable fat gains turn into big ones only when your “obesity organ” has failed.

Maxim #3: Eating too much does not cause obesity. Instead, obesity causes overeating.

This is why those cakes, chocolates, and creams call so loudly and feel so satisfying to eat. Such attacks of hunger aren’t the same thing as compulsive eating — they aren’t psychological. They’re physical. It simply takes more food to maintain an overweight or obese body. The obese body’s desire for unhealthy food comes from experience. Sugar, in particular, gives the quickest energy response.

Maxim #4: Despite how little (or how well) you eat, if you have the obesity disorder, you will not be skinny.

As we know from Maxim #1, obesity is a physical malfunction. Once that occurs, your obesity ensures that you will begin to put on the pounds. It’s part of how obesity works that your fat will become locked away. Even when you try to eat healthy, your abnormal fat deposits are restricted from use except as a last resort.

Maxim #5: If you do not suffer from obesity, you will never be overweight, no matter how much you eat.

Some people can eat whatever they want and still stay small and slender. Life is cool like that when you don’t have the disorder of obesity.

Free From the Weight of Injustice

Now that you know the truth about obesity, you can free yourself from the discrimination that our society treats you with. It’s not your fault that your body has malfunctioned.

These truths have given us more than a wonderful insight — they’ve given us a possible cure for obesity itself. The maxims that help us comprehend obesity also enabled doctor Simeons to develop a way to repair the specific bodily mechanism that causes obesity. This system is known as the HCG diet with HCG drops. HCG affects the part of the body that causes obesity — the diencephalon. HCG corrects the diencephalon’s problem and frees you to lose thos

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